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New Beginnings Fair


New Beginnings Fair

Laura Di Bartolo

New Beginnings Fair is a unique event that enables budding entrepreneurs and small business owners to meet & mingle with a selection of handpicked vendors whose speciality is helping startups and small businesses shine bright like a diamond.

We met Anika at The Wellness Festival a few weeks back. Just saying 'hello' to the person sitting next to you can go a long way! We instantly started chatting and wanted to find out more about her story and the amazing business she has co-founded...


What’s your story?

Marcos & I are the husband and wife team behind NBF. Marcos runs another business called Easts Basketball League and has a background in advertising while my background in mainly HR. We’ve been lucky as we’ve both worked for some pretty reputable companies both in Sydney and London which has taught us so much cause let’s face it as a small business owner your every department rolled into one – IT, Accounts, HR, Marketing, Sales etc.  Our different skillsets also tend to complement each other and as a couple that has been together for nearly a decade we know we can work pretty well together (most of the time)!

How did ‘New Beginnings Fair’ come to life?

Marcos & I have always wanted to combine our skillsets to work on a project together and there have been a few different ideas we’ve looked into over the years. In July 2015 we were on a flight to Hamilton Island for some down time (and my mum’s b’day) and the NBF idea started to brew, so you could say the idea was born in the clouds! We spent the entire flight and most of the holiday brainstorming and it pretty much grew (pretty quickly) from there


What has been your most unforgettable moment to date?

Our first event was in Feb this year and it was a pretty special moment seeing everything come together. Some of our speakers were Lisa Messenger from the Collective and Jess Hatzis & Bree Johnson from Frank Body & Willow & Blake plus workshops by Canva, General Assembly and Blog Society. I remember the night before thinking ‘geez I hope people turn up’ and was pretty happy to see hundreds of people lining up on the Friday morning – it was definitely a moment to remember and made all the sleepless nights worth it.  You can view a recap video of Sydney Fair here

Who are some of your vendors and how do you pick them?

Our aim is to create an informative and collaborative atmosphere and we want to give our guests access to a variety of businesses that can offer support/guidance. With this in mind we offer limited vendor spots across a number of categories and ensure all our Vendors are established and reputable.  You’re so time poor when you’re a small business owner so we want to make it really easy by having all the best businesses in one place. 


You launched in Sydney this year and bringing NBF to Melbourne in august! Can you share with us who some of the speakers will be and what workshops you will be holding?

We are pretty excited to be heading to Melbourne on August the 19th. It’s shaping up to be an action packed day with cofounders from Thankyou, Vinomofo and The Urban List speaking plus workshops by General Assembly and more announcements to be made soon.  We are also thrilled to be part of the Victorian Small Business Festival which runs during August.

The Melbourne event is in August (so excited)! You can purchase your early bird tickets here - sale ends 31/5/16

Where do you see new beginnings fair in five years?

We hope to make NBF an annual event, held in several locations. We’re already busy planning next year’s Fairs and will be adding 2 more locations! The plan is to also evolve the business into some other exciting areas next year so stay tuned.